Guide to Pay Rates

Guide to Pay Rates

Nurses Pay Rates

Healthcare Assistant/Student Nurse Pay Rates

Please note the undernoted Hospitals/Worksites Rates are different in regards to how the Premium rate is paid.  It is paid from midnight on Saturday night to midnight Sunday night. 

Beaumont Hospital,

Bandon Community Hospital 


Our Ladys Hospital Navan

Raheny CNU.

St Colemans

St James Hospital 

Wexford General

Travelling/Mileage Expenses Sheet

Nurses Payroll Information

Healthcare Assistant/Student Nurse Payroll Information 

Holiday Pay Claim Form - Nurses

Holiday Pay Claim Form- Healthcare Assistant/Student Nurse

Tax Information

Nurse on Call (NOC Ltd.) operates PAYE and PRSI to all payments made to the nurses and remits these payments to Revenue. The appropriate PRSI class is applied (usually A) and accordingly the nurse is entitled to any benefits accruing from the payment of PRSI at that class. Please also note that statutory holiday pay and public holiday is also paid by NOC to the Nurse.


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