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Nurse required for Community South Dublin

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Nurse required for Community South Dublin

19.5 hours per week

Position is based in Blackrock

The Registered General Nurse will:

·         Deliver nursing care to clients/patients within a best practice / evidence based framework.

·         Manage a designated caseload.

·         Promote the health, welfare and social wellbeing of patients/service users.

·         Actively participate as a multi-disciplinary / inter-disciplinary team member in all aspects of service delivery including case conferences, clinical meetings, team meetings.

·         Assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual person centred care programmes within an agreed framework and in accordance with best practice.

·         Develop and promote good interpersonal relationships with patients, their family / social network supports and the interdisciplinary care team in the promotion of person centred care.

·         Ensure that care is carried out in an empathetic and ethical manner and that the dignity and spiritual needs of the patient are respected.

·         Promote and recognise the patient’s social and cultural dimensions of care and the need for links with their local community.

·         Collaborate and work closely with the patient, their family, the multi-disciplinary / inter-disciplinary team, external agencies and services to facilitate discharge planning, continuity of care and specific care requirements.

·         Provide appropriate and timely education and information to the patient, their family and be an advocate for the individual patient and for their family.

·         Report and consult with senior nursing management on clinical issues as appropriate.

·         Maintain appropriate and accurate written nursing records and reports regarding patient care in accordance with local / national / professional guidelines.

·         Participate in innovation and change in the approach to patient care delivery particularly in relation to new research findings, evidence based practice and advances in treatment.

·         Participate in clinical audit and review.

·         Participate in community needs assessment and ongoing community delivery of care as appropriate.

·         Undertake Key Worker role as appropriate.

·         Promote a positive health concept with patients and colleagues and contribute to health promotion and disease prevention initiatives of the Health Service Executive.

·         Delegate to and supervise the work of other grades of staff within the remit of their role, as appropriate.

·         Demonstrate flexibility by rotating / assisting in other units / care settings as required to meet nursing resource needs and the requirements of the integrated services programme (ISP).

·         Refer clients to other services as required.

Clinical Governance

The Registered General Nurse will:

·         Participate in clinical governance structures within the local / regional / national clinical governance framework.

·         Have a working knowledge of HIQA Standards as they apply to the role / care setting, for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc.

·         Contribute to ongoing monitoring, audit and evaluation of the service as appropriate.

·         Accurately record and report all complaints to appropriate personnel according to local service policy.

·         Participate in the development of policies / procedures and guidelines to support compliance with current legal requirements, where existing, for the safe storage and administration of medicines and other clinical products.

·         Participate in the development of policies / procedures and guidelines with health, safety, fire, risk and management personnel and participate in their development in conjunction with relevant staff and in compliance with statutory obligations.

·         Observe, report and take appropriate action on any matter which may be detrimental to patient care or well being.

·         Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.

·         Be aware of, and comply with, the principles of clinical governance including quality, risk and health and safety and be individually responsible for clinical governance, risk management / health and safety issues in their area of work.

·         Participate in the development, promotion and implementation of infection prevention and control guidelines.

·         Adhere to organisational dress code

·         Assume responsibility for and coordinate the management of the unit / care setting in the absence of the Clinical Nurse Manager.

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