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Nurse required Case Manager role West Dublin

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Nurse required Case Manager role West Dublin

Monday to Friday 

Department of Health Rates 

Must be able to work on own initiative 

Case Manager post

The main functions of the Case Manager post are as follows:

Implementation of the Liaison Officer functions for the Assessment of Need process under the Disability Act 2005.
Case Management of individual cases, particularly those with complex needs.

Residential Placement Reviews

Liaison Officer: The Case Manager will arrange appropriate service provision for a person with a disability, in accordance with the assessed needs and having regard to the available resources. He/she will provide a Service Statement for each applicant and ensure that the services committed to in the Service Statement are delivered within the time frames specified.

Case Management: Case management is a system for the planning, co-ordination and delivery of services using individually tailored person centred plans, having a person-centred approach and multi-disciplinary focus. The Case Manager will fulfil the role of a dedicated person who may organise, co-ordinate, and sustain a network of formal and informal supports and activities to optimize the functioning and well-being of people with multiple needs.  The Case Manager will be a central point of contact to assist the individual to navigate and negotiate available systems in their community and on discharge from hospital services.

Residential Placement Reviews

The Case Manager will carry out residential placement reviews / home care for people with a disability as required.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·         To accept appropriate referrals for services as per agreed protocols.

·         To provide relevant information regarding services, availability and methods of accessing same to individuals.

·         Convene, co-ordinate and/or attend multi-disciplinary case management reviews.

·         To ensure that all relevant people including the individual, family members, multi- disciplinary personnel, voluntary organisations and others are involved in the person centred planning process as appropriate

·         Develop and promote multidisciplinary, interagency, inter-sectoral links with all relevant statutory, voluntary and private service providers as appropriate.

·         Ensure that all administrative systems are in accordance with guidelines, polices and to the highest standards. to as many be required, in accordance with HSE policies, procedures and guidelines.

·         Meet all obligations as laid down under the Disability Act 2005, receive Assessment Reports from the Assessment Office, prepare/ sign off Service Statement in accordance with the Act, along with adhering to the regulations, orders, protocols and guidelines made under the provisions of that Act as laid down by the HSE.

·         Work within the Corporate Governance Framework in the setting, monitoring and maintaining of standards of care within the service and within the legislation relating to health and social care in health service provision.

·         Be familiar with and secure access to information regarding Service Level Agreements and other contractual arrangements entered into by the HSE with service providers.

·         Develop and agree working relationships and structures with Service Managers responsible for Service Delivery and external Agencies to ensure maximum delivery of service needs.

·         Develop links to the service development process to inform the prioritisation of developments where service gaps have been identified.

·         To advocate on behalf of individuals or groups of people with disabilities

·         To respond to enquiries and representations from and on behalf of people requesting services

·         To promote the use of consultative processes with people with disabilities and their families for the  development of services

·         To participate in reviewing existing services.

·         To ensure that services provided are of the highest standard and comply with the Governance requirements set out in the Service Arrangement.

·         To be aware of relevant legislative, regulations, policy and procedures

·         Maintain knowledge of and secure access to such financial information as to enable him/her to monitor service provision in line with the Service Arrangement process.

·         Maintain appropriate, up to date written and electronic records and activity data in accordance with professional service standard and provide reports and data as required.

·         Provide such reports as may be necessary in relation to complaints, FOI, Parliamentary Questions and other request for information.

·         Support the development of services and implementation of HSE polices across all areas of Disability Services

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