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HSE Homecases- Waterford

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Nurse required for Home Case in Waterford

Nurse on Call are currently looking for nurses for the following home cases. These home cases are all HSE funded so it is very secure work. Rosters are planned a month in advance and you can pick and choose your own shifts. Home Care is very rewarding work, helping families care for their loved ones at home. All Home Cases are paid at your full incremental rate on the HSE pay-scale and eligible for Location/Qualification Allowances. .

                                           ***All Nurses & Midwifes Welcome***


Lisduggan, Co. Waterford

5 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Developmental Delays

3 hours per day Monday – Friday

Accompany him to Pre-school


Clashmore, Co. Waterford

Trisomy 22, Bilateral Micro-opthalmia & colobona, patent ductis arteriasius ligation & VSD closure, anterict septal defect, tracheo-bronchomalacia, dysgenesis or corpus collosum

Nursing Care includes full nursing care, set up of NG feeds and administration of oxygen therapy

1 or 2 x 8 hour nights per week required.


If Interested in the above please contact Clare on 0214222830 Or


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