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CIT Services Manager & CIT Nurses Cork required

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CIT Nurses –

Up to 24 hours per week. 

Nurse led service in the community; 

·         Provide nursing services to patients within their own home, at GP premises/health centres or other community setting in liaison with other members of the team;

·         Work in collaboration with Consultants/GPs, and other agencies to provide comprehensive packages of care;

·         Utilise and demonstrate sensitive communication styles, to ensure patients are fully informed and consent to treatment;

·         Prioritise, organise and manage own workload in a manner that maintains and promotes quality;

·         Advise CIT Services Manager of any circumstances which give cause for concerns in relation to patient care;

·         Assess, implement and evaluate treatment/interventions and care for patients;

·         Deliver care according to the organisations guidelines and evidence-based care;

·         Ensure that agreed service levels are maintained;

·         Prioritise health problems and intervene appropriately to assist the patient in complex, urgent or emergency situations, including initiation of effective emergency care in collaboration with the CIT Services Manager;

·         Provide information and advise on prescribed or over the counter medication, on medication regimens, side effects and interactions;

·         Report drug usage to CIT Services Manager;

Ensure safe storage, rotation and disposal of drugs is undertaken.  Where appropriate, oversee the monitoring, stock control and documentation of controlled drug usage according to legal requirements;

·         Ability to communicate difficult messages to patients and families;

·         Provide advice and guidance on patient outcomes;

·         Produce accurate, contemporaneous and complete records of patient consultation, consistent with legislation, policies and procedures;

·         Participate in the maintenance of quality governance systems and processes across the organisation and its activities;

·         Monitor the levels of activity during the shift;

Liase with CIT Services Manager on a shift basis;

·         Attending and participating in team meetings as required;

·         Liasing with the multi-disciplinary team in the operation of the service;

·         Liasing with the other medical services – Acute Hospitals, Ambulance Service etc;

·         Deal with issues arising from liaison with the Doctor;

·         Participating in the training of future CIT Nurses employed as the service expands and develops;

·         Assess own learning needs and be available to attend courses for professional development as appropriate;

·         Support and participate in shared learning across the practice and wider organisation;

Participate in a programme of clinical audit activity and utilise the audit as a means of evaluating the quality of the work of self and implementing improvements where required;
Assist in the development of generic standards of service;

Assist in the development of the clinical standards of service;
Work as an effective and responsible team member, supporting others and exploring the mechanisms to develop new ways of working;
Participate in team activities that create opportunities to improve patient care;
Assist in the initial responses and processing of patient complaints;
Monitor work areas and practices to ensure they are safe and free from hazards and conform to health, safety and security legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines;
Apply infection control measures according to organisation and national guidelines;
Use technology as an aid to management in planning, implementing and monitoring, presenting and communicating information;

·         Maintain contact with head office as necessary, log in and down load any emails etc;

·         Maintain the organisations strict code of confidentiality in all dealings;

Promote a positive image of the organisation at all times;
Keep updated on all developments associated with the post;
Provide shift cover as and when requested;
Adhere to the organisations ethos of flexibility and co-operation;


CIT Services Manager

Management  

Lead and Implement change 

Lead out the EMPS development. 

Meeting strict deadlines and KPIs as set out by the General Manager. 

Under the leadership of the Clinical Manager/General Manager ensure the delivery of the highest standards of clinical care.  

Exercise authority in the running of the CIT service. 

Ensure the assessment of clinical care is implemented regularly, ensuring that where appropriate, patients are involved, including review and implementation of policies and procedures.

Become involved in the organisation and implementation of any change relevant to the service and to provide leadership in the delivery of CIT. 

Implement sound management systems which allow for efficient and effective management of CIT.  Contribute to the maintenance of a safe environment in accordance with Health and Safety Policy and to monitor H&S regularly and implement changes in practice if relevant. 

Take responsibility for communicating to staff, liaising with other members of the multidisciplinary team through meeting, e-mails and telephone and communication to all stakeholders as required.   Participate in the setting of budgets, ensuring that agreed budgets are managed effectively, working within the constraints of budgets and provide monthly reports to the General Manager. 

Promote the concept of team working in a multi-disciplinary setting through effective practice.   Service levels are delivered to agreed standards by co-ordinating the available staff and resources within the budgeted staffing levels. 

Match activity levels with staffing and take responsibility for staff, appraisal, training and discipline.   Lead patient satisfaction surveys, audits and ensure highest level of care for all patients in our care.

Staffing  

Responsible for the recruitment, selection and retention of all staff as required.  Development of competencies for all staff.  
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