HSE Home Care/Residential Home Care

HSE Home Care/Residential Home Care

Nurse on Call Homecare are a registered Home Care provider with the HSE.  We also provided Home Care to the various Residential Services based all over the Country.  Nurse on Call offers a full range of Homecare services, including;

·         Paediatric Homecare

·         High-Tech Nursing (Ventilator/Tracheostomy)

·         Paediatrics and adolescents

·         Residential Services

Paediatric Homecare

Children have unique physical, psychological and development needs that require specialised care.  That’s why Nurse on Call nurses are specifically trained, Screened and qualified to provide Home Care.  The Child and their families/guardians are our highest priority.  Thanks to modern technological Paediatric Home Care has become a viable and alternative to a health care facilities, as both the patient and the families prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own home.

Adult / Senior Homecare

·         Skilled nursing at multiple levels (4-hour shift minimum day duty)

·         High-Tech Nursing (Ventilator/Tracheostomy care)

·         Catastrophic/Long-Term Care


Nurse on Call Home Care offer a reliable nurse-led homecare service dedicated to providing quality care and services to clients where they feel most comfortable, their own home. It delivers the highest standard of Homecare in Ireland.
This is a service tailored to a wide range of people who require care and support whilst living in their own home.

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